Face oil – Uses and Benefits

The significance of skincare cannot be ignored, and with the advent of different kinds of face oils, it becomes easier. When you add any kind of suitable oil in your skincare routine, it helps in repairing the skin by retaining moisture. Furthermore, oil also strengthens the skin tissues and makes it brighter by fighting off bacteria that can lead to skin problems. If you are wondering that face oils are not meant for all skin types then we are here to help you with that. 

We will tell you why and how oil should be made a part of your skincare routine. Face oils have a huge variety and are suitable for all skin types – normal to dry to oily to combination skin. This is because not all the face oils are the same and they do not clog the pores of the skin. Face oil is used to add a coat of protection which locks the skin’s hydration. Different oils have different effects on various skin types and are effective too. Rest assured, these work as elixirs for your skin and gives it the much-needed hydration and glow. 

Using face oils in your daily skincare routine is very simple and they are –

  1. Application

Start by moisturizing your skin before or after applying the face oil which depends on your skin type. In case you are using lightweight and dry oil, make sure that you moisturize your skin later. However, if you are using wet oil which is heavier and takes longer to absorb, then always apply a moisturizer first. This is done to lock in the hydration in your skin. 

  • Add in a few drops of oil to the moisturizer

Improve the effect of your moisturizer by adding in a few drops of your face oil to it. This works as a double booster and you get more benefits by following this process.

  • Mix your face oil with your makeup base

To ensure that your makeup looks flawless and natural, add in few drops of the face oil in your foundation. This will let the foundation glide on easily on your skin and gives the skin a smooth finish and natural shine. 

  • Use face oils as a makeup remover

You can mix your face oil with coconut oil as a cleanser and also look for oil-based makeup removers. This will keep the skin hydrated and also clean your face of all the makeup residue, however always use something that suits your skin

  • Make a scrub 

You can mix the face oil with a natural exfoliant like sugar or coffee grounds and use it as a scrub. The exfoliant helps remove the dead skin cells meanwhile the oil locks the moisture in your skin. You can also use a salt-based material as they are gentle on the skin. 

  • Use as a face mask

Face masks that are oil-based are the best way to add some hydration to your skin, especially during winters. They make your skin radiant by giving it a glow which penetrates to the layers beneath the epidermis.