9 fashion trends which every teenager should follow

Fashion changes every ten years and if you are in your teens, just follow the tips mentioned below and make up your fashion accordingly.

  • Don’t follow a trend: Don’t always follow a particular trend, rather wear the ones which are comfortable and suit individual’s body part. 
  • Be careful with eyebrows: It’s important to shape and maintain the eyebrows in the right way. It might take trial and error method to obtain the perfect eyebrows. 
  • Take care of jeans: In order to prevent jeans from wear and tear always turn the jeans inside out while washing the jeans. This will prevent the jeans from fading and will last longer. 
  • Let the nails breathe: Similar to other parts of the body, it’s important to allow nails to breath. Let the nails rest for few days without applying any nail polish. Can also give some love to the cuticles by dabbing over them with castor oil.
  • Taking care of skin: To prevent acne it’s important to invest some time in following some quality skincare regime. Due to hormones and various reasons of stress the skin might become tired. So, make sure to moisture the skin so that there won’t be any need to worry about skin.
  • Wash off the makeup: Don’t forget to wash off the makeup on the same day. It is important to have a clean skin so that the pores can breathe and don’t get clogged and eventually develop acne. 
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen: Always use sunscreen. Sun tan might lead to wrinkles, spots and discoloration. Sunscreen also prevents cancer while keeping your skin healthy. 
  • Beware of bronze: Should be careful while applying bronze and the neck should be of the same color as that of face. Blending is very important to have the perfect makeup for the party.
  • Investing in clothing that you really love: Don’t just follow the trend. Buy clothes which can be worn even after two years.