Resistance Therapiste



Today I’m going to tell you about a new line from Kerastase called  Resistance Therapiste. This is a personal favourite of mine as I am currently using it for myself and it’s a life saver. This particular line is specific for those that have very damaged and over processed hair. As some of you Kerastase users may be thinking “What about Force Architect?”. This new range is on a whole new level and is so far the most repairing and replenishing product that Kerastase has to offer.


The science behind this line is that Kerastase Advanced Research has discovered that micro proteins called KAPs (keratin associated proteins) link keratins to each other and attach them together. They are only found in the hair shaft and your hair is made by 50 – 60 % of these KAPs. When hair is damaged these proteins are weakened therefore the structure is compromised.


Kerastase created Fibra – KAP, a powerful complex designed to compensate for the loss of KAPs in the hair fiber due to damage. It associates one glucopeptide, the SP94 with 6 amonio acids and a wheat protein derivative.


Nature’s Miracle

Another key ingredient that Kerastase has dicovered is from a sap from the Myrothanus Flabellifola, aka: The Resurrection Plant. This plant from Africa can come back to life after 10 years of near death due to dehydration. When once again in contact with water, it regains its original casing and begins a new cycle of life.


And now you know that scientists have managed to secure this ingredient by now using the sap from the plant to restore the KAPs in our hair with Kerastase Therapiste!


Check out the video below!

Written by Emily